Revamping Your Kitchen Cupboards

Do you want to revamp your kitchen cupboards? Afri Kitchens is your solution to modern kitchen cupboard designs and installations. We can also redo your entire kitchen! When it comes to modern kitchen cupboards, many designs incorporate natural materials such as oak or hardwood for that simplistic, aesthetically pleasing, modern look. Such a design can add aesthetic value to your kitchen, apart from being functional and custom-designed for your kitchen.

A Functional Kitchen

When it comes to the functionality of a kitchen, some would argue that the appliances are the most important element. Others could also argue that the room layout plays a pivotal role in the functionality. Kitchen cupboards play a large role regarding storage space in your kitchen. From cutlery drawers to spice racks, everything in your kitchen should have a designated storage area. This will result in the best functionality when working in the kitchen, knowing where everything is and where it should be stored. Our kitchen cupboard design and installation solutions can ensure that your kitchen has optimal functionality regarding storage space.

A Beautiful Kitchen

In South Africa, we love to get together over the weekends, having a braai and hanging out in the kitchen while preparing food. Therefore, modern kitchen designs would feature simplistic cupboard designs to optimise the available space and create some contrast by using different colour materials than the countertops, walls, or floor to add aesthetic value. A vibrant and contrasting wooden grain can go a long way in terms of the overall design and look of your kitchen. We design kitchen cupboards to fit your kitchen and your preferences, giving you a choice of several materials to match your current design.

Different Types of Kitchen Cupboards

There is a wide variety of kitchen cupboards and cabinets when it comes to the design and size of the cupboards. As a result, almost every kitchen design’s cabinetry will be unique and custom to the design itself. Wood is the most commonly used material for modern kitchen cupboards, with a variety of different natural wood grains to match almost any decorating style. Wood staining also allows us to alter the natural colour of the wood grain, opening endless possibilities to ensure that your cupboards are uniquely tailored to your kitchen.

Afri Kitchens is your first choice when it comes to kitchen designs and installations. Whether you want to revamp your cupboards or your entire kitchen, we have what you need. Feel free to browse our website for images of our kitchen designs and installations.