Revamp Your Kitchen Cupboards

If you want to revamp your kitchen cupboards and blow some new life into your kitchen, AfriKitchens is your answer. We can design and install new cupboards that will serve the needs of your kitchen perfectly and fit the current design of your kitchen as well. We can also redo your entire kitchen if you want to improve the layout and utilise the available space to its full capacity. Today, we will focus on the importance of cupboards and their contribution to the design and layout of your kitchen.

Why Do I Need Reliable Cupboards in My Kitchen?

For the most part, kitchen cupboards function as storage for cutlery, plates, glasses, and ingredients. They can also function as spice racks, wine racks, and display racks. Therefore, cupboards in the kitchen are a necessity more than a nice design feature. With our initial design visit, we can analyse your available space and layout to determine ideal locations and sizes for your new cupboards. If you want your cupboards to stay as they are, we can revamp them with new materials and colours to fit the rest of your kitchen beautifully.

Sizes, Shapes, and Layouts

Kitchen islands are trendy and vastly popular when it comes to modern kitchen designs and layouts. They are normally placed in the middle of the kitchen floor to add valuable workspace in the kitchen with an additional countertop and more cupboards. Walk-in cupboards are also useful to store dry ingredients, spices, or wine. Hanging cupboards are usually installed onto the wall, at an appropriate height for easy accessibility and reach. No matter the size, shape, or layout of the cupboards that you want, we can deliver feasible solutions to make your dream kitchen a reality.

Creating Contrast with Cupboards

Modern kitchen design tends to lean towards creating a contrast that complements each other in the kitchen. This sees the introduction of natural colours and gradients into the design, with cupboard doors and colours playing a pivotal role. The most common choice is for cupboard doors to feature a natural wooden grain that is paired with a contrasting countertop grain and/or colour. However, cupboard doors can also feature a vibrant and striking colour that stands out from the rest of the kitchen. The choice is all yours and the possibilities are endless.

AfriKitchens is your first choice when it comes to kitchen cupboards and the overall design and layout of your kitchen. Feel free to browse our website for a gallery of images on our kitchen designs and installations and contact us today with any enquiries. Get your dream kitchen with us on your side.