Your Solution to Redo Your Kitchen Cupboards

Lockdown in South Africa had us getting to know the inside of our homes more intimately, and if you concluded that your kitchen needs a revamp, AfriKitchens is your answer in Gauteng. Whether you want to redo your cupboards or the entire room, we offer a complete service to give you the kitchen that you want and deserve. With a plethora of different modern interior design elements being introduced to the modern kitchen, you have the freedom add colour to this room in a way that you have never considered before.

Modern Kitchen Cupboards

For the majority of kitchens, the cupboards are simply “there”. With a modern kitchen, the cupboards are used to create a contrast in colours, display a natural wooden grain, or create extra storage space. A cupboard island can utilise open floor space in larger kitchens, creating an island countertop that makes cooking easier and can also be used for dining purposes. Normally, the countertop and cupboard doors will feature contrasting colours as well. However, the choice of colours will be in your hands, with our experts giving you their recommendations in terms of overall design and functionality.

Cupboards That Optimise the Available Space in Your Kitchen

From small apartment-style kitchenettes to open-floor dining rooms, the cupboards in a kitchen should take advantage of the available space to deliver optimal storage space that is accessible and functional. The design should also complement your preferences, as some only want the essential appliances in their kitchen while others want more. Therefore, when you choose us to redo your kitchen cupboards, we go the extra mile to deliver a design that works perfectly for you while making the most of your available space.

Various Sizes and Styles

The best part of kitchen cupboards is that this element of your kitchen is versatile and can adapt to your preferences and room size. From walk-in to wall-mounted sizes, we can design and install the ideal layout of cupboards to complement your kitchen. You can also add some more flare and flavour to your cupboards by choosing brass-coloured trimmings, unique door colours, or natural wooden grain.

AfriKitchens is your solution when you want to redo your kitchen cupboards and instil some new life into your home. Please browse our website for a gallery of images of our work and contact us directly with any enquiries. From the initial design visit to the final installation, we do it all to give you the dream kitchen that you have always wanted.