New Year, New Kitchen Cupboards

With a new year in full swing, there is no better time than now to redo the kitchen cupboards and blow some new life into your kitchen at home. AfriKitchens is your solution to a wholistic approach to kitchen design, layout, and installations, ensuring that you can enjoy your dream kitchen in style. You can trust that our experts can utilise their experience and knowledge to optimise floorspace and wall space usage, while our designers can come up with a design and layout to suit your personal preferences.

Bringing Your Kitchen Into 2022

There are several new design trends being introduced for 2022, and when it comes to interior kitchen design, the options and possibilities are only expanding. With even more materials, colours, and styles, your dream kitchen can look and feel exactly how you envision it, and this is where AfriKitchens can make your dreams a reality. When choosing us, our process begins with an initial design visit. This gives us the opportunity to get a good understanding of what you as a client want and expect when redoing your cupboards or the entire thing from the ground up. As a result, our designers can deliver on what you want and give you their insight on what will work best.

Colours and Styles for 2022

Frame-fronted cupboards are bringing a new dimension to interior kitchen design. This style incorporates a rim or frame of raised edging that adds some 3D touches to the design, breaking up the smooth and streamlined surfaces to create contrast. Freestanding multifunctional storage spaces are also becoming more popular, doubling as display counters to add even more personality to your kitchen. Pantries are walk-in cabinets/cupboards that can add a unique look and feel to your kitchen, along with ample storage space that offers easy access.

Greens and blues are some of the most trending colours for modern kitchen design in 2022. With the addition of natural materials, there are several complementary shades of green to go along with wooden grain. Brass faucets, sinks, and cabinet handles also pair excellent with green and/or blue shades. The sky is the limit when it comes to colour combinations for your kitchen.

If you are looking for professionals to redo your kitchen cupboards in 2022, AfriKitchens is your answer. Feel free to browse our website for details on how we can help you redo your kitchen or contact us directly with any enquiries. Make your dream kitchen a reality in 2022 with AfriKitchens.