Custom Kitchen Cupboards for Your Home

Every kitchen needs cupboards and counters to be functional and make the most of the available space. Cupboard layout, size, and design will contribute to the efficiency of your kitchen. Whether it is a walk-in cupboard or a rack against a wall, our custom design and installation solutions will ensure that you have optimal storage space in your kitchen. We also offer complete kitchen design and installation to revamp your available space and bring it into the modern era.

Optimising Your Kitchen Space

In most households in South Africa, the kitchen is the focal point – a place where we can hang out with friends while cooking up a storm. Food also plays a big role, as we love our braais and our Sunday lunches, making the kitchen one of the busiest rooms in the house over weekends. As a result, you need a kitchen that is functional, with enough space to move and work in. Cupboards with ideal sizes, placed on ideal positions, can make a noticeable difference in any kitchen. Therefore, if you want to revamp the way that your kitchen operates, our custom design and installation solutions can be your answer.

Matching Your New Cupboards with Your Current Kitchen

In some cases, people look to replace their old kitchen cupboards with new ones, especially cupboards that are hanging from walls and have been there for decades. The biggest challenge of replacing those cupboards is to match the new ones with your current kitchen – not only in design, but also in functionality and layout. Luckily, we have you covered on these fronts, since we offer complete kitchen design and installation as well. Therefore, we have a particularly good understanding of how the layout should be to fit your needs for the best possible results, optimising the available space to give you a better experience when working in the kitchen.

Vanity and Wardrobe Solutions

Apart from kitchen cupboards, we can also assist in cupboards for your clothes and bathroom. We can do custom designs and installations for wardrobes and vanity rooms, which especially comes in handy with en suite bedrooms to ensure that the design and flow of the rooms complement each other.

Afri Kitchens is your first choice when you want to revamp your kitchen cupboards. Our website features a selection of our kitchen designs and installations to give you a good idea of what to expect when choosing us. Please contact us today for more info on how we can revamp your home.