Elements of a Modern Kitchen and Its Design

Are you tired of your current kitchen setup? Afri Kitchens is your answer to a variety of modern kitchen design and installation solutions to revamp your kitchen and make it functional in your home. Modern kitchen designs utilise several elements to cater to your needs, including the layout and the materials used in the design. With us on your side, we can design and install a custom kitchen that is unique to your home, using the ideal materials to fit with a modern kitchen and the interior design of your home.

The Initial Design Visit

We take good care that we design your kitchen in accordance with your specifications, requests, and requirements. Therefore, the initial design visit is pivotal, giving us a physical impression of the size and layout of the kitchen. Elements such as cupboard designs and sizes, room layout, and materials used for the kitchen will also be discussed during our initial visit to ensure that we understand what you want and deliver the best possible design for your kitchen.

The Introduction of Natural Materials

Modern kitchens would commonly feature natural materials such as oak or hardwood, displaying the beautiful and simplistic natural wooden grains on the cupboards and/or floors as opposed to using tiles or simply painting over pressed wood. No matter the type of materials that you want in your kitchen, it is critical that the aesthetic and functionality of these materials fit into the overall design of the kitchen. In the end, you want to walk into your kitchen with a smile on your face. By choosing us, we can give you an aesthetically pleasing and functional design that suits your needs.

Simplicity in Its Design

Modern kitchen designs tend to favour simplistic and linear styles, making the most of the available space in the room. Different materials are also commonly used to create contrasting areas in the design. A good example of this concept is having light wooden grain cupboards next to a dark-coloured wall or putting a dark-coloured countertop onto light wooden grain cupboards. As a result, simple and small things make a big difference in the design of a modern kitchen.

If you want to remodel your kitchen, Afri Kitchens is your first choice. We can design and install your dream kitchen with a wide selection of materials to suit your preferences. For more info, please browse our website for images of our installed kitchen designs to see what we can do for your kitchen.