Innovative Kitchen Design Ideas for 2021

Are you tired of your old-fashioned kitchen and want to revamp it? AfriKitchens is your answer. We can assist with the design, layout, and installation of a brand-new kitchen that will adhere to your preferences and requirements. With us on your side, you can have the kitchen that you have always dreamed about. Here are some innovative kitchen design ideas that are likely to trend throughout 2021:

Modern Kitchens with Curves

For the majority of modern kitchen designs, the overall aesthetic leans toward straight and well-defined linear lines for a simplistic and space-efficient layout. However, some kitchen designs have recently started to incorporate curves as well, taking the lead from modern furniture and interior design. Rounded kitchen counters and islands add a different design aspect to the current modern look and feel and can be a feasible alternative to square countertops and edges.

Adding Colours to Create Contrast

Kitchen islands have become trendy over the past decade, introducing a countertop in the middle of the kitchen floor to utilise the space wisely. Normally, the island would mimic the choice of colours of the rest of the kitchen, which would already create a contrast between the countertops and cupboards. However, a modern design trend suggests that the kitchen island could feature a different colour to introduce even more contrast and colour into the kitchen. You can choose to use a striking and vibrant colour for your kitchen island, while the rest of your kitchen utilises natural wooden grain and marble countertops.

Black is Still the New Black

Black is one of the colours that are commonly avoided when it comes to interior design. However, modern kitchen designs are incorporating black as a contrasting colour in interesting ways. Since black can be paired with almost anything, it makes for a solid choice for cupboards or countertops. It can even be used o the wall to create a contrasting effect with natural wooden grain or a light and vibrant colour.

Bringing Rustic Back

One of the biggest advantages of having your own kitchen is that you decide how you want it to look and operate. Rustic kitchen designs might seem like a contradiction to modern designs but are becoming increasingly popular. The key element is to utilise what is available when it comes to rustic designs as opposed to covering everything up or hiding natural brick or wood from the walls and ceiling.

No matter how you want your kitchen to look, AfriKitchens is your first choice. We take care that we deliver a kitchen design that meets your expectations, requirements, and personal preferences. Please browse our website for a gallery of images on our kitchen designs and installations and contact us directly for any enquiries.