Your Solution to Kitchen Renovations in Gauteng

Do you want to renovate your kitchen in 2022? AfriKitchens is your answer to a wholistic solution – covering every element of kitchen renovations that include the design and installation of your new kitchen. This process starts with an initial design visit to establish the available room and layout and get a good understanding of what you want and expect form the initial design. This also allows us to see to specific requirements and preferences regarding your ideal layout and how we can optimise the available room for cupboard space, worktops, and specific appliances. Therefore, your dream kitchen is within reach with us on your side.

Kitchen Design Trends for 2022

A glazed tile backsplash can transform a dull and empty wall backdrop into something that attracts the eyes and pops from the wall. Matte tile finishes are idyllic when using bright and vibrant colours for cupboard doors, but if you prefer wooden grain finishes on your cupboards, glazed tile backsplashes can create an eye-catching contrast that can introduce more colour and finishes to your kitchen. Rustic wood finishes and brass door handles, faucets, and sinks are part of modern kitchen design, pairing well with glossy/glazed backsplashes.

Adding Vintage and Antique Elements

Old-school is making a comeback when it comes to modern interior kitchen design – utilising vintage and antique elements to add flavour and character to your kitchen. Repurposed or upcycled wooden tables can serve as an island/countertop, paired with old-fashioned wooden chairs to finish off the look and tie everything together. Some modern appliances also offer vintage façades and can be paired with natural material finishes such as rustic wood or repurposed metals. These elements will introduce natural colour and flow to your kitchen and can lend themselves to bright and vibrant colours for backdrops, countertops, and cupboard doors.

Adding Glass Partitions

Large and open floorplans allow for a plethora of potential addons when renovating your kitchen. Apart from adding an island to provide more workspace, cupboards, and dining space, you can add a glass partition in your kitchen to separate the dining area form the kitchen itself. With a glazed partition, you will not compromise on how the light hits the room, as well as staying connected to the dining area from a visual point of view with a glass partition that you can see through.

AfriKitchens is your answer if you want your dream kitchen to become a reality. Please browse our website for example images and inspiration on what we can potentially transform your kitchen into and feel free to contact us today with any enquiries.