Renovate Your Kitchen for 2022

As 2022 draws closer, we look forward to a year that promises to put all the negatives of 2021 behind us and move forward towards a solution to finally put COVID-19 to rest. It can also be the year to finally redo the kitchen and modernise it to fit with the rest of your home. AfriKitchens is your solution for kitchen renovations, whether you only want to redo the cabinets or renovate the entire room. With our services, you can get the dream kitchen that you have always wanted!

The Perfect Kitchen for My Home

Each home operates in its own unique way, which applies to the kitchen as well. In South Africa, we value our kitchens and use them frequently – not only to prepare food, but also host guests, friends, and family. We love to braai over the weekends and socialise around the fire and in the kitchen while getting everything ready for a feast. As a result, the perfect kitchen for your home will have everything that you need in accordance with how you utilise your kitchen. This is where our renovations come into the picture.

When choosing AfriKitchens, the process of renovating your kitchen starts with an initial design visit. This allows us to get the dimensions of the room and see what we are working with, along with picking your brain for ideas and how to optimise the space to suit your preferences. Therefore, when we develop a new design and layout, we consider every detail to work towards delivering the perfect kitchen for your home. This also includes your preferred colours and materials.

Colour and Material Trends

Modern kitchen design has reached a level where everything goes, and nothing is off limits. From dark colours to using natural metal surfaces, the design of a renovated kitchen in today’s era can feature more than just natural wooden grain and marble countertops. Contrast still plays a pivotal role in interior design, using striking colours to contradict flat colours, or using a dominant and/or vibrant colour to make a bold statement. In the end, the choice is up to you on which colours you prefer and the type of natural materials you want to use with them.

AfriKitchens is your first choice when you are considering a complete kitchen renovation. Please browse our website for a gallery on our kitchen designs and installations and contact us directly to request a quotation. With us on your side, you can get the dream kitchen that you deserve!