AfriKitchens – Your Answer to Complete Kitchen Renovations

Do you want to renovate your kitchen? AfriKitchens should be your first choice, as we take care that you are satisfied with everything before we install your new kitchen. With several new design ideas seeing the light of day, the possibilities are endless, ensuring that you can have the kitchen that you have always wanted. With us in your corner, you have the means to complete renovations in the style and layout that fits you and your home perfectly.

The Process Starts with an Initial Design Visit

Our initial design visit’s purpose is to establish the layout, size, and style of your kitchen, ensuring that renovation plans are based on realistic and executable spaces. Along with the basic information, we take the time to understand your needs in the kitchen and how you want it to look and feel when it is done. This includes the colour palette of the room, the design of the cabinets and worktops, and the materials that you prefer to be on display. Fortunately, you have a plethora of options.

How I Want My Kitchen to Look and Feel

Modern design trends favour simplicity and creating contrasts between colours and materials, utilising clever ways to create additional worktops, dining areas, and optimised storage space within the kitchen. However, the choice is in your hands on how you want your kitchen to look and feel once the renovations are complete. Stainless-steel faucets, sinks, and cabinet handles can be replaced with brass to pair better with a light natural wooden grain and specific colour palettes, while the floor can be tiles or wood to match the rest of the home and the style of the cabinets. No matter how you see your dream-kitchen, we can help you make it a reality.

Enjoying My New Kitchen

In South Africa, we enjoy our braais and home-cooked meals, meaning that we consistently use our kitchens for preparing food and social gatherings. In some cases, the kitchen doubles as a dining room as well, ideal for family breakfasts and dinners. Therefore, the functionality of a kitchen is important, ensuring that you can enjoy your kitchen and have access to everything that you need. Our kitchen renovation solutions give you the opportunity to maximise the possibilities in your kitchen.

AfriKitchens is your answer to complete kitchen renovations in Gauteng. Please browse our website for a gallery of our work and contact us directly to request your quotation. Blow new life into your kitchen today with AfriKitchens!