Modern Kitchen Renovations for Your Home

Do you want to breathe new life into your kitchen? AfriKitchens can deliver a modern design and layout to make your dream kitchen a reality. We also offer complete installation solutions to ensure that we cover the entire process of redoing your kitchen. With our initial design visit, we can pick your brain on what you expect from the design and layout, and truly comprehend how you want your kitchen to function. We can also add modern appliances such as a cooking hood to the design to allow you to utilise modern appliances such as gas burner tops.

Modern Kitchen Design Elements

With the introduction of gas-powered appliances, several modern kitchens utilise the precision and control that these appliances deliver when cooking food. Couple these appliances with a modern kitchen design and layout, and you will be on your way to enjoy a kitchen that is an idyllic fit for a modern home. Modern design elements cover several aspects of the layout, materials, and colours that can be utilised to bring out the best in your kitchen. Whether it is to create contrast, add character, or simplify functionality, we can deliver a modern design and layout to suit your personal preferences.

Layered Lighting Solutions for Large Kitchens

In South Africa, it is common to have a large and open-floor kitchen that combines with a dining area. Layered lighting solutions will give you the means to control the lighting in such a large space, ensuring that you can properly and efficiently shine light on various areas in your kitchen. Therefore, when preparing and cooking food, the lights on that specific side of the room can be used without needing to turn on the rest of the lights that would light up the dining area. Layered lighting also allows you to choose different lights for lighting up the kitchen and dining area respectively.

Open Shelf Space

Open shelves are considered a modern kitchen design trend going into 2022, although it has been around for while already. Because of the ease of access and the fact that such shelves double as display cabinets, open shelf spaces are ideal for several unused wall spaces in a modern kitchen. This also allows for extended backsplashes that can transform the way your kitchen looks and feels from an aesthetic point of view.

If you want to renovate your kitchen and add some modern touches to the design and layout, AfriKitchens is your answer in Gauteng. Feel free to browse our website for example images on what we can accomplish in your home and make the best of your kitchen with us on your side in 2022.